HEMLATA’s vision is to build an empowered workforce of female leaders, thus shaping the future for young women to lead lives filled with dignity and purpose. We are driven by the belief that human dignity should not be based on hierarchy, gender, wealth, religion, race, or place of birth.


HEMLATA is committed to creating sustainable impact by identifying and providing talented girls, from India’s lowest socio-economic strata, with H100 Impact Scholarships to quality tertiary college education in India. In doing so we are creating an environment for our H100 Scholars to step out of their cycle of inter-generational poverty and support the next generation towards quality education.


By means of the holistic HEMLATA 100 Impact Scholarship, we empower our H100 Scholars with quality tertiary education, supported by a Mentor living outside of India and Life-Skills training. Inter-disciplinary learning and internships, round off the scholarship.


The HEMLATA 100 IMPACT Scholarship is a hybrid mix of philanthropy and investment. The H100 Impact recipient receives a scholarship towards her full education, academic books, and a laptop at an accredited college in India. Additional requisites such as lodging, meals and transport are added based on need. A monthly fixed stipend is provided as Pocket money to cover sanitary napkins, toiletries, and personal expenses. Once our H100 Graduate Scholar earns a taxable income, she contributes a minimum of one-third of her total Scholarship investment, towards the education of future H100 Scholars.


We pledge to be respectful, ethical, and accountable, and to manage our projects with full transparency.