“The most important part is to follow your passion and support a cause you believe in”.

HEMLATA’s engagement focuses on three defined areas of impact – Education and Entrepreneurship, Health and Well-being and Sports and Infrastructure. HEMLATA identifies NGOs in India, personally chosen by Smita through a streamlined and rigorous process, where contributions can have a meaningful impact. A strategy to manage and scale up the allocation of the grant towards targeted commitments is then set up.


“When making a Donation, have a clear strategy to achieve impactful results”.

To achieve the best results for you, your family and your organization, HEMLATA acts as your person on the ground, making an assessment quantifying the results of your philanthropy. Once the grant or donation has been transferred to the Donee, Smita will conduct due diligence, monitoring and reporting on the impact  made by your donation. To provide this service on the ground, HEMLATA retains 8% of your donation as Administration costs. For every 100 that is spent, 92% percent is directly transferred to the Donee as being part of the Program cost.


“Tangible impact is best experienced through personal connections with your donee.”

HEMLATA would like  you to experience, directly, the positive outcome of YOUR contributions. In order to do so, HEMLATA organises field trips for all donors, to not just evaluate the impact, but to also understand first-hand the issues faced on the ground, by the donees. These trips incorporate not just the philanthropic aspect, but also include a deep dive into Indian society, talks with experts, business visits, as well as providing cultural insights to some of the finest Indian locations.

Naturally, direct donations can be made during the trip to organisations you wish to support. Smita personally acts as your host for the entire duration of the trip.

HEMLATA events

In addition to providing corporates and individuals with the 3C services above, HEMLATA organizes a Gala event, in Switzerland, on a bi-annual basis, sustaining support to the Organizations in India. Each event is based on an Indian cultural theme, such as the meaning behind ‘Namaste’; why women in India wear a ‘Bindi’ (the dot on the forehead); or what 6 yards of cloth (the Sari) mean to an Indian woman?

Impressions from our Diwali Gala Dinner: