HEMLATA engagement is focussed on caring for our H100 scholars, girls from from India’s lowest socio-economic class. By offering them opportunities that we would give to our own, we believe we can “level the playing field” thus creating a meaningful future. Our Scholars are personally identified by our Founder and or a Hemlata Team member, in consultation with schools and teachers on the ground in India, through a streamlined process, based on several criteria.

At the same time, we work consciously and in a committed manner, to ensure that contributions made by our donors have a meaningful impact.


The core of the H100 Initiative is based on the Mentorship and Peer program. Each of our Scholars is individually connected to a Mentor and Peer living outside of India, allowing for diversity and inclusion. We work with professional coaches using Life Skills tools, to create the conversation between Mentors, Peers and Scholars. In doing so, we are building a community of change makers and empowered women.

To know more, or to volunteer as a Mentor or a Peer to our Scholars in India, please contact Smita Suchde Gruetter at


Our Partner Ambassadors act as our friends and cheer leaders, and sustain us by providing us with committed funding to impact and scale the project.
HEMLATA provides a framework for socially-conscious individuals and organisations who are interested in joining our community. We also have a program in place for corporate volunteering where we acts as your person on the ground, making yearly assessments, conducting due diligence, monitoring and reporting on the impact made by your donation.

To know more about becoming a partner and the benefits offered, please contact Sandra-Stella Triebl at Partnerships.


A graduate of the Textile, Fashion & Technology College in Zurich, Katharina Viana-Bachmann worked for ten years as a textile buyer for the retailers Charles Vögele and Carrefour – as group leader for the latter. She spent three years with her family in Singapore, followed by three years in Tokyo.

Back in Switzerland, Katharina established the Swiss branch of the non-profit organization Room to Read, which operates in Asia and Africa, and was responsible for the business development for 6 years, after which she moved to the Swiss non-profit organization Vivamos Mejor, where she worked as Head of Fundraising and Communication.

Since 2018 Katharina is the Co-Executive Director of Asia Society Switzerland. She is a Member of the Board of Zürichsee Medien AG and the President of the Zürcher Spendenparlament.

Katharina is proud to be a Partner Ambassador and to support a H100 Scholar through her college journey.


HEMLATA events

In addition to providing our partners with the 3C services above, HEMLATA organises a Gala event, in Switzerland, on a biennial basis, sustaining support to the organisations in India.

Each event is based on an Indian cultural theme, such as the meaning behind ‘Namaste’; why women in India wear a ‘Bindi’ (the dot on the forehead); or what 6 yards of cloth (the Sari) mean to an Indian woman?

Our next Gala takes place on November 4th, 2020

Impressions from our Diwali Gala Dinner: