HEMLATA 100 Initiative

The H100 initiative is committed to creating sustainable and measurable impact by identifying and providing 100 talented girls, from India’s lowest socio-economic strata, with full scholarships to quality based tertiary college education in India.

The HEMLATA 100 scholarship is a full rounded holistic scholarship inclusive of full tuition, in an accredited college, lodging, all meals, until the Scholar graduates from college. Other requisites included are a laptop, books, transport, mobile data are added to the Scholarship, based on personal requirement. A monthly fixed stipend to cover toiletries, sanitary napkins and personal expenses is provided as Pocket money, on the basis that the Scholar completes 30 hours of community service in a year.

Each H100 Scholar is supported by an individual Mentor, from a country outside India. In connecting women and girls from different backgrounds, we are bringing in diversity of thought and change in perspective. Professional life skills coaching based on the WHO standards, introduction to interdisciplinary topics through peer-based learning and internship possibilities, complete the picture.
As a social impact project aimed at levelling the playing field, H100 scholars will act as advocates for education and gender equality and will evolve into change-makers, uplifting their communities.

The H100 initiative directly upholds SDG #4: Quality Education and SDG #5: Gender Equality and indirectly contributes to SDG#1, SDG#3, SDG#8 and SDG#10.

H100 Scholar SHILPA

Core Area of Study: Bachelor of Business Administration
H100 Mentor: Cristina Croci

More about Shilpa

Shilpa is a student at Mount Carmel College, Bangalore, accredited A+, by NAAC, India.

Courses: Business Mathematics, Business Economics, Business Management, Fundamentals of Accounting, English, Additional English
Hobbies: Shilpa is a strong writer and loves to sing and dance.
Goals: After receiving her degree in Business Administration, Shilpa would like to work in Human Resources.

H100 Scholar CROWNCY

Core Area of Study: Bachelor of Business Administration
H100 Mentor: Viola Lehmann

More about Crowncy

Crowncy is a student at Mount Carmel College, Bangalore, an ‘A+’ accredited college, by NAAC, India

Courses: Business Mathematics, Business Economics, Business Management, Fundamentals of Accounting, English, Additional English
Hobbies: Crowncy can often be found with her nose in a book. She is advanced at playing the piano and even composes her own songs, with an interest in the classics.
Goals: Crowncy would first like to complete her college and is looking forward to learning all about business administration, before making any decision on her future plans.

H100 Scholar SARANYA

Core Area of Study: Bachelor of Business Administration
H100 Mentor: Camilla Fischbacher

More about Saranya

Saranya is a student at Mount Carmel College, Bangalore, accredited “A+” by NAAC, India.

Courses: Business Mathematics, Business Economics, Business Management, Fundamentals of Accounting, English, Additional English
Hobbies: Saranya is a wonderful artist who can often be found making elaborate cards but she’s also excellent on the soccer field and as a member of her choir.
Goals: Saranya is pursuing a Bachelors of Business Administration. She is excited to learn more about business and determine which field she wants to focus on once she graduates.

H100 Scholar SHINEY

Core Area of Study: Bachelor in Science – Biotechnology
H100 Mentor: Marianna Vallauri

More about Shiney

Shiney is a student at Christ University, Bangalore, accredited “A” by NAAC, India.

Courses: Basic Chemistry, Microbiology and Biostatistics, Animal Diversity, English, Additional English
Hobbies: Shiney loves to play volleyball and soccer. She was also selected to represent her school, Shanti Bhavan on a trip to the USA, where she visited Chicago and Washington D.C.
Goals: Shiney is hoping to embark on her medical journey next fall. Currently she is pursuing a Bachelor in Science – Biotechnology.

H100 Scholar SOUNDARYA

Core Area of Study: Bachelors in Computer Applications
H100 Mentor: Kamales Lardi

More about Soundarya

Soundarya is a student at Christ University, Bangalore, accredited “A” by NAAC, India.

Courses: Introduction to Programming using C, Digital Computer Fundamentals, Foundations of Mathematics, Statistics I for BCA
Hobbies: Soundarya loves singing, reading books, and running. She can be a bit of a class clown and is an articulate public speaker.
Goals: Soundarya has shown a keen interest in computers with a particular passion for artificial intelligence. After receiving her Bachelors in Computer Applications, she plans to pursue a career in computer programming.

H100 Scholar SANTHOSHI

Core Area of Study: Bachelors of Commerce (Hons.)
H100 Mentor: Doris Merz Nardone

More about Santhoshi

After securing 93% overall and 99/100 in Economics, in her final year School exams, Santhoshi has received admission to Indraprastha College for women, one among the top colleges of Delhi University, accredited A, by NAAC, India

Courses: Still to choose (Admissions are delayed due to Covid)
Hobbies: Santhoshi is a trained Bharathanatyam dancer, having pursued this since she was 11 years old. She feels when it comes to dance, she is not just a performer but also a creator, choreographer. Apart from dancing, her interest in dramatics has led her to perform in many plays and skits in the school.
Goals: Post her Bachelors degree in Commerce (Hons.), Santhoshi aspires to become a Company Secretary. Her goal is to take her Company Secretary examinations simultaneously with her Bachelors degree in Commerce to arrive at a double degree within 4 years.


Core Area of Study: Bachelor of Commerce (Hons.)
H100 Mentor: Andrea Berlinger

More about Shreeshakthi

Shree is a student at Christ University, Bangalore, accredited A+ by NAAC, India.

Courses: Business Law, Business Environment, Business Economics, Financial Accounting
Hobbies: Shree loves soccer and has recently joined the soccer team in college. Her passion is reading, and often shares book recommendations with her friends.
Goals: Shree is interested in joining the business or advertising team for a sports company, where she can use her education and passion for sports to promote women’s participation in athletics.

H100 Scholar MARIA

Core Area of Study: Bachelor in Computer Applications
H100 Mentor: Cristina Rocco

More about Maria

MarIa is a student at Christ University, Bangalore, accredited A+ by NAAC, India.

Courses: Digital Computer Fundamentals, Introduction to Programming, Office Automation Tools, Statistics, Foundational Mathematics
Hobbies: Maria is a singer, and enjoys being part of the choir. She also loves playing soccer with friends in her free time, her favourite position to play is forward.
Goals: Maria wishes to further develop her coding skills, learning new languages and software.

H100 Scholar MARY

Core Area of Study: Bachelor of Computer Applications
H100 Mentor: Darija Barrech

More about Mary

Mary is a student at Christ University, Bangalore, accredited A+ by NAAC, India.

Courses: Digital Computer Fundamentals, Introduction to Programming, Office Automation Tools, Statistics, Foundational Mathematics
Hobbies: Mary enjoys playing soccer with friends, usually as a midfielder. She loves to spend time telling jokes and has a wonderful sense of humour.
Goals: In the future, Mary is interested in working in the field of artificial intelligence and is considering further studies in a master’s program after she completes her BCA.

Previous Projects


    Shanti Bhuvan

    HEMLATA wishes to put more emphasis on sports for children and has initiated a contribution to Shanti Bhuvan, a pre-K-12 residential school near Bangalore, for students from economically underprivileged backgrounds. HEMLATA has contributed a range of sports equipment to enable all-round development of the students, building social, physical, emotional and interpersonal skills.

    Year: 2017

    Tata Memorial Hospital

    One small step for Cancer wished to build a corpus fund facilitating 1000 children afflicted with cancer, to get a fair and full chance to life. Underprivileged children from all over India, travel to the Tata Memorial Hospital (Mumbai) for advanced and economical cancer treatment. For many it’s their last resort. HEMLATA supported One small step for Cancer to achieve its goal for the required amount.

    Year: 2017

    RA Foundation

    HEMLATA has taken on the sponsorship of economically underprivileged but deserving students to achieve a first class primary and secondary education with our new partner, RA Foundation. The RA Happy Kids program aims at supporting children from vulnerable backgrounds to fulfil their potential by providing them with first class quality education in a holistic environment. Our first girl child has been sponsored to study in one of the finest boarding schools in Panchgani, Maharashtra.

    “HEMLATA has been closely associated with RA Foundation in the execution of our program. In addition to financial assistance, HEMLATA provides mentorship and a holistic development, creating the best possible opportunity for the child, to grow. We at RA, see HEMLATA not as a donor-facilitator, but rather, as a parent for the children and are honoured to have HEMLATA as our partner.”
    Sonali Jain, RA Foundation

    Year: 2016 – 2018


    HEMLATA has opened doors to wider participation and engagement to students at the SS&SL Girls’ School in Mumbai, where students aged 7-16 years are from economically vulnerable families. While these students receive basic education, their lack of proficiency in the English language has limited their exposure and opportunities to participate in an increasingly globalized workplace environment. HEMLATA instilled a model to empower the girl students with the diction, skills and capability to confidently engage in the English language. Special English classes were introduced, along with study periods. These classes have benefited 448 students in the past years. Parallel to these classes, snacks are offered to all students attending the classes. Additionally, Bus fares are provided to encourage attendance and participation.

    Year: 2008 – 2016

    KANTHA SINGH Orphanage

    Kantha Singh was a car mechanic, who shut down his garage, to create a makeshift shelter cum school for 42 orphan children, when their orphanage, in the village of Dampara, Jharkhand, was burnt to the ground. The children who were left with nothing but the clothes on their back, were given a new home by Singh. HEMLATA provided funds to the Kantha Singh Orphange, for the upkeep of the children.

    Year: 2009


    HEMLATA initiated and contributed to the introduction of yoga at St Jude’s which supports families of children battling cancer. With the intention of providing holistic support and care, these classes enable stress relief, inner peace and solace, improved mental and physical strength, and increased energy to families coping with the everyday challenges of the life-threatening disease without the emotional and psychological support of family structures. Since 2008, nearly 1,200 families have benefited from the service.

    Year: 2008 – 2018

    St. Jude

    For people suffering from chronic diseases, the environment in which they convalesce is important in accelerating recovery. Economically underprivileged families who already spend heavily on treatment rarely have the privilege of a conducive environment for convalescence. HEMLATA has taken responsibility for three family units at St Jude’s, which serves as a home away from home, for the families of those being treated for Cancer at the Tata Memorial in Mumbai. HEMLATA’s contribution enables St. Jude’s to provide families with a secure, hygienic place to stay, free of cost, transport, clean water, rations and nutritional supplements, educational and recreational activities, counselling and skill development.

    “HEMLATA has been a kind supporter of St. Jude India Child Care Centres since 2008-09. The everyday stress of coping with a life threatening disease is tremendous for both the parents and children. HEMLATA initiated Yoga for our families in the year 2008, providing holistic support and care for parents as well as children. Nearly 1200 families have benefitted from the service in the nine years of the support.”
    Manisha Parthasarathy, St. Jude India Child Care Centres

    Year: 2008 – ongoing
  • Focus Area: Health and Well-Being


    HEMLATA provided hearing aids to girls at the Sanskardham Vidyala, Mumbai, an institution catering to educational and children with special needs, including those with hearing impairment, autism and other disabilities. Children at the school are provided state of the art amenities, and all round education development.

    Year: 2008


    A group of women from a village in the Singhbhum district of Jharkhand, wished to become self-independent and initiated the idea to open a bakery. The bakery serves as a sustainable source of independent income for these women, providing them with economic and social empowerment. HEMLATA supported the project by offering the funding for the bakery.

    Year: 2006
  • Focus Area: Education and Entrepreneurship


    In the City of Joy, Calcutta, WORLD VISION manages an Orphanage for girls, who are mainly street children. With funding provided by Hemlata, World Vision was able to support 68 girls and will increase this number to the promised target of 100.

    Year: 2005


    KALARAKSHA in Kutch, a desert region in West India is famous for its age old embroidery tradition. Hemlata supported the building of an Education centre, which now serves as a research library to the weavers of the region. The library promotes meetings between weavers and embroiderers to gather together to exchange and participate in their crafts, thereby keeping the old traditions alive.

    Year: 2003


    HEMLATA initiated the building of wells in villages in Rajasthan, with the BAREFOOT COLLEGE. In the United Nations Year of Water, in the dry north-western state of Rajasthan in India where girls and women have to walk several miles to retrieve water, Hemlata took on the project of rain water harvesting. Thus girls working in the farms during the day were motivated to go to school in the evening where they would be provided water, free of cost, to take home to their families. 3 water tanks were built in 3 villages of Rajasthan, which facilitated the provision of water to over 250 families.

    Year: 2003
  • Focus Area: Health and Well-Being


    HEMLATA has made contributions to the Cleft Foundation, under the auspices of the renowned Swiss surgeon, Prof. Dr. Sailer. The Foundation works towards correcting cleft and lip palate problems among less privileged children. Two children benefited from HEMLATA’s contribution, which was used to correct their cleft and lip palate issues.

    Year: 2003