We welcome voices supporting the empowerment of girls, enabling gender equality, abolishment of caste and systemic racism and promotion of tertiary quality education.

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Stepping forward into the future – the H100 initiative

At the start of every New Year, I think of the surprises a new year will bring, the new things…

The vision behind a Business and Philanthropy is the same – find the best solutions to ignored problems and populations and create a better society.

Article by Swetha Anusha Goteti  and Smita Suchde Grütter A business of any kind, any field, or from any place…

Lockdown? An Indian memoir on marital autocracy

Photo by Rajeev Chanda on Unsplash Article by Swetha Anusha Goteti Buy Zithromax , Edited by Smita Suchde Grütter This is not news.…

Tertiary Quality Education – and it’s importance

Constant learning and adaptation to nature has played critical role in our evolutionary history. This learning channelled specifically, is what…


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The Impact of Social isolation

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Holistic and Integrative therapies

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The Karma of Timing

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