HEMLATA believes that every human being – especially the vulnerable – must have the right to live with dignity and purpose. Human Dignity should not be based on hierarchy, wealth, religion, race or place of birth.


HEMLATA is an independent and neutral organization, working to create impact within the socio-cultural context of the Indian environment. In India, years of hierarchal tradition have been responsible for passing on the advantage to the male child over the female, resulting in an imbalance in the opportunities available to girls and women. HEMLATA, incorporated in 2002, as an INDIA-focused philanthropic organization, has been established to empower this vulnerable group in a transparent, responsible and ethical manner.


We create new opportunities for girls, children and women by offering donors the chance to directly impact beneficiaries through assistance and funding in the areas of education and entrepreneurship, health and well-being, and sport and infrastructure. We act as stewards of these commitments, ensuring synergy with the needs of the donee.


All projects are identified personally by Smita Suchde Gruetter to ensure the integrity of the donation. Once a commitment to donate is made, HEMLATA conducts due diligence and monitors the project, acting as a mentor to support the donees needs on ground and to create meaningful impact for all stakeholders. We pledge to be respectful, ethical and accountable,  and to manage our projects with full transparency.


  • Manisha ParthasarathySt. Jude India Child Care Centres
    “HEMLATA has been a kind supporter of St. Jude India Child Care Centres since 2008-09. The everyday stress of coping with a life threatening disease is tremendous for both the parents and children. HEMLATA initiated Yoga for our families in the year 2008, providing holistic support and care for parents as well as children. Nearly 1200 families have benefitted from the service in the nine years of the support."
  • Sonali JainRA Foundation
    “HEMLATA has been closely associated with RA Foundation in the execution of our program. In addition to financial assistance, HEMLATA provides mentorship and a holistic development, creating the best possible opportunity for the child, to grow. We at RA, see HEMLATA not as a donor-facilitator, but rather, as a parent for the children and are honoured to have HEMLATA as our partner.”