HEMLATA believes that every human being – especially the most vulnerable – our girls – must have the right to live with dignity and purpose. Human Dignity should not be based on hierarchy, wealth, religion, race or place of birth.


HEMLATA is an independent and neutral organization, working to create impact within the socio-cultural context of the Indian environment. In India, years of hierarchal tradition have been responsible for passing on the advantage to the male child, over the female, resulting in an imbalance in the opportunities available to girls. HEMLATA, incorporated in 2002, has been established to empower this vulnerable group with dignity and self-worth.


To create real and sustainable impact through our H100 Initiative, by empowering talented girls, with scholarships to quality based tertiary college education. Areas covered by scholarship include STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics as well as Law, Sports, Medicine, Research and Management.


Every single project is identified personally by a HEMLATA Team member, on the ground, to ensure the integrity of the donation. We aim to directly impact beneficiaries by constantly refining the program and act as stewards of commitments, to both Donors and Donees.


We pledge to be respectful, ethical and accountable, and to manage the funding and our projects with full transparency.