HEMLATA is an independent and neutral organisation, registered in Switzerland and in India, working to create sustainable impact within the socio-cultural context of India.


HEMLATA believes that every human being – especially girls – must have the right to live a life of dignity and purpose. Human Dignity should not be based on hierarchy, wealth, religion, race or place of birth.


HEMLATA upholds human dignity and is committed to nurturing the next generation of girls to break the cycle of intergenerational poverty and to ensure that they live a life of purpose, dignity and self-worth.


Our mission is to create real and sustainable impact through the HEMLATA 100 (H100) Initiative by empowering talented girls from India’s lowest socio-economic class with scholarships to quality tertiary education, supported by a Mentor, Peer and Life Skills.


We pledge to be respectful, ethical and accountable, and to manage the funding and our program with full transparency.


In India, years of hierarchal tradition have been responsible for passing on the advantage to the male child, over the female, resulting in an imbalance in the opportunities available to girls. The H100 Initiative seeks to address this imbalance through a unique and innovative approach. By means of a holistic scholarship, the H100 Initiative offers a comprehensive support to our Scholars, empowering them to reach their full potential and creating real and sustainable impact.


100 talented girls with grit and determination, from India’s lowest socio-economic caste and class.